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poster ICECThe “International Commission of European Citizens” (ICEC) has been created to gather all those organisations, institutions and individuals who share the vision of a Europe which is democratic both in theory and reality.

Social movements from Scotland, Catalonia, Flanders and Euskal Herria together with social representatives from other European nations and member states will use the ICEC as a focal point; forum and meeting place where academic and political theories can be discussed and disseminated, regarding Europe democracy and Universal Human Rights.

ICEC represent a coordinated citizen’s alliance on a European level to express the will of millions of Europeans to defend the fundamental principles as Freedom, Justice, Equality and Peace within Europe.

The Commission is composed of members of social organizations, political parties and academic networks on an individual basis, although organizations can expressly give their support as such. ICEC’s membership is not limited to any field because of its ‘down to earth’, grassroots approach, making it expressly open to the general public regardless of their involvement within any organization.

As one of the father’s of the European Union stated:

“…is not the union of the states but of the citizens”

Jean Monnet.

A better democracy is possible and it is needed, it is up to all European Citizens to speak with a clear and organized voice on these matters alongside our shared European Institutions.

Together we will make it possible! Because WE ARE EUROPE.

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