Dídac Ramírez

Rector Universitat de Barcelona, Catalunya
“I wish to declare my support to further the Universal Right of Self-determination and to the International campaign organised by ICEC around all Europe collecting signatures in favour of this Human Right”



ulises (2)

Ulises Moulines

Professor Emeritus University of Munich, Germany

“Article 1 of the Charte of the United Nations explicitly stipulates the right of self-determination for all peoples of the world. Almost 200 states have so far formally subscribed to this article. Only a tiny minority among them has ever taken it seriously. This is true not only of non-democratic states but also of states ruled by supposedly democratic governments, especially those within the European Union.

It is time to change this. The European Union considers itself to be the world champion for human rights, democracy, and justice. Now, these principles should apply not only to the relationships between single individuals but also to the relationships between nations. Many states within the EU are in fact – whether or not they admit it – multinational states (usually with one dominant nation prevailing over other, disadvantaged nations).
If the government of any of these states wants to be recognized as genuinely democratic, and ruling in accordance with the principles of the United Nations, it should fully and sincerely acknowledge the right of any single nation composing it to decide, through a democratic procedure, whether it wants to continue being a part of that state or rather constitute a state of its own. Governments not applying this principle are less than fully legitimate.

It is time for the European Parliament and the European Commission to make this clear to all governments of the European Union. ”


Philippe Haeyaert

Philippe Haeyaert

President Verbond VOS, Flemish Peace Movement
“Those who are respected in their identity will also be able to recognise others’ identities easily. Thus self-government of peoples paves the way to a lasting peace.”



Kevin Williamson 1

Kevin Williamson

Vice-President of Scottish Independence Convention, Edinburgh
“As it now seems increasingly possible that one or more stateless nations will vote for Independence in the next two years it makes sense to establish the right to self-determination at the European Parliament. A citizen’s campaign to put this on the Brussels parliamentary agenda is now essential.”




Josep Maria Vila d’Abadal

President of the ‘Association of Municipalities for Independence’ and mayor of Vic

“This iniciative has all our support. From AMI, we believe, that Catalonia and the rest of nations, we need to have international speakers like EPI and the ICEC project are, to clearly and calmly explain ourselves without the interference of the States who give a distorsionated image of our nations to the world”


ruggero zigliotto

Ruggero Zigliotto

Professional photographer, member of F.E.P. European Federation of photography based in Brussels
“Freedom is not a free space, it is within us. Wherever we go, wherever we live we must be freedom keepers”




Vicenç Pedret

Business Owner Director
“As an ownerdirector and as a Catalan I give my total support to this international campaign to collect ‘1Milion signatures for Self-Determination’, it is important to show the common will of different European nations in favour of this Universal Right”



juan carlos moreno cabrera

Juan Carlos Moreno Cabrera

Professor of linguistics, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
“The Catalan people have struggled for their liberty and self-government during the last three centuries. A democratic Europe is only possible if the rights of the European peoples are recognized and respected. In spite of that, the people of Catalonia are not considered by the current Spanish Constitution as a sovereign nation entitled to the right of self-determination. This is a serious democratic anomaly that should not be tolerated in a truly democratic Europe. The movement in favor of Catalonia’s self-determination is but one aspect of the movement towards a much more democratic Europe.”



Ada Parellada

“We are old enough not to fear knives or fire. We must learn the recipes and face the risks with courage. Now the time has come to choose our own menu. Nobody will cook better our own dishes than us, for it is precisely us, the ones who will have to eat them”



Guido Moons

President of VVB
“For the VVB( Flemish popular movement) the demand and the striving for an independent Flemish nation in Europe is not a fetish, not a naïve daydream. No, Flemish independence is an instrument and a key to ensure welfare and well- being for each and everyone who lives and works in Flanders and who feels at home there.
That is the reason for our VVB to inform the EU via a petition campaign that the Catalans, the Basque, the Scots and the Flemings have every right and determination to achieve the independence.”

Sebastia Alzamora

Sebastià Alzamora

Sant Jordi prize 2012

“The Right to self-determination is, for a country, the equivalent of dignity to an individual. And I do not know anybody dispose to renounce, under any concept, to their own dignity”




Mike Small

Editor Bella Calledonia, Glasgow
“A coordinated citizen’s alliance on a European level is essential because the principle: that of the right to self-determination is a universal one – and this plan will bring people together of all nations, races and outlooks around a single simple idea. And for all that I give my suport to ICEC.”




Ramón Cotarelo

Professor of Political Science, UNED
“Self-determination is a people’s right, belonging to all peoples as they become aware of themselves”




Aitor Pérez

President de la Federació Nacional d’Estudiants de Catalunya
“The FNEC (National Federation of Catalan Students) gives total support to this initiative to collect signatures, all around Europe, in order to exercise the Universal Right of Self-Determination. On top of that, we believe it is a necessary tool to contribute to the cause so as to achieve the Catalan State”




Luca Polo

International Trade Consultant
“The future is unwritten. The only way to know the future, is to create it with our own hands. That means to be aware of our own rights and to be always ready to protect them.
I support the international petition for the Right of Self-Determination because I want this right to be respected and applied, definitively”


gerard quintana

Gerard Quintana

President de la Catalan Music Academy
“Only if european citizens are able to exercise the Right on selfdetermination that we will be able to build a truly democratic Europe”



GV - IGD 2012 Gent

Guy Verbelen

President of Deltastichting
“Denying a people the right to their own independent country, is like banishing an animal from its natural habitat where it can thrive in optimal conditions; at best it will mutate to a lesser form of species, at worst it will die, and the overall bio-diversity will be the poorer. Denying a people the right to an independent state, and to govern this according to their own customs and traditions, is like cutting away their roots. One endangers their language, their culture, their identity and ultimately they may die or become a people without soul or spirit, which is worse. Our common European identity, our culture is in our diversity very rich; cutting even one people out of it will make it poorer.”



Toni Albà


“The right of nations to self-determination, in the case of Catalonia, is an undeniable historical right. Not only for the Catalan people itself: It is a principle, which each and every occupied nation must take as a reference to their own national liberation. It is a Right which must be turned into a Duty in all democratic countries, in order to denounce and undermine those States dennying this right to any nation wishing to exercise it. Only from freedom, peace and respect, all nations will be united. All my support to EPI.”


shona mcalpine

Shona McAlpine

Spokesperson for ‘Scottish Women for Independence’

“It’s great to see all these nations working together towards the one goal. In Scotland we already are on our way to achieveing this, however doesn’t stop us supporting others in doing so.”




Quim Masferrer


“I look up in the dictionary the definition of freedom;
The power of right to act, speak, or think as one wants; we do have some freedom of choice. (ODE)
It is very difficult for me to understand that in 2013 there are still some collectives and individuals who do not respect the basic principles of the Human Rights and, especially, those which directly undermine individual or collective freedom (the aforementioned freedom of choice).
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights reminds us, in its first article, that ‘All human beings are born free (they must be able to choose) and equal in dignity and rights.’ Moreover, the article 1.1 from the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights reads: ‘the right of all peoples to self-determination including the right to “freely determine (choose) their political status”, pursue their economic, social and cultural goals, and manage and dispose of their own resources.’
Only by using our international right to choose, we will become a free people and nation.
Let us not them decide for us!
Long live freedom! ”


EPI Press Conference

Steven Vergauwen

Director VVB
“Eendracht maakt macht.
Unity makes strength”



chris whiteBUENA

Chris White

International liason for the ‘Scottish Independence Convention’ (SIC)

“This is an important initiative and one that will echo across Europe. People want to express themselves and by declaring their support they will have this voice and their voice musty be heard”




Anna Arqué

Spokesperson for EPI-Cat ( European Partnership for Independence )

“We are not what others may write or say we are, but what we show we want to be”